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Let's talk a brief bit about stupid 2020 06 09

Good Tuesday morning everybody, it's a beautiful Tuesday morning here in Central Florida starting today off at 81 degrees and humid it's going to be a great Tuesday hope you all had a good Monday. Let's talk a brief bit about stupid. I know I try to keep everything positive and that's not a very positive word.

But hear me out. So everybody learns at different rates and different times. I don't think everybody grasps everything equally. There are some things I learned quickly and easily and there are some things I learned slowly and difficultly, sometimes very difficultly. So my big thing on this is......

It's very hard to overcome isn't it? It's even harder to overcome when no one will help you. Therefore I firmly believe you should tell somebody if they're stupid, now you don't just go out say hey buddy, you're stupid. That's not helping anybody. Now if you see somebody that's doing something that's not the smartest thing in the world. Offer some helpful advice if they choose to listen, hallelujah if they choose not to. Then they get to learn it the hard way eventually right that's pretty much all I'm talking about here.

So in Florida, it's legal to open carry to or from or during hunting fishing or camping and I will commonly open carry well camping and of course well hunting not so much when fishing but it's your right to do so if you choose to do so. Now you can be smart about it or you can be not so smart about it.

If there is a dozen parking spaces right next to where you want to go fishing you can park there.

Or you can park a mile away and walk a whole mile showing off. Use a little common sense there because there's a lot of squirrels out there that can't handle seeing you carrying openly and they're going to call the police on you. Not all officers, know the law not all officers will be let's say very hospitable. Most officers you will find in Polk County and in Lakeland specifically are very well versed and educated especially the deputies and you won't have a whole lot of trouble if you're obeying the law.

Those are my thoughts for Tuesday. Have a great Tuesday.


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