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Honest inward evaluation

Good Monday morning everybody. It's a beautiful Monday morning here in Central Florida starting the day off at 75 degrees and the humidity is lifted a little bit so it feels a lot nicer than it has over the last week.

Let's talk about our great day and a few tips on how you can have a great day, everyday.

I think the first place you can start is inside yourself. Why do we get angry and frustrated? Is the root cause of that anger and frustration some unresolved issues from your past even as far back as your early childhood. It's very possible. And even though we may not think that, it just might be what's powering our anger in our frustration in our daily lives.

If you don't have this issue, you are so blessed.

So when we look at ourselves we really need to be able to do so honestly, and Unbiased.

Your life a lot easier sometimes once resolve, however these unresolved issues are not easily resolvable, especially ones that you've lived with your whole life. Child abuse and so forth. There's a lot of horrible things that happen to children and sometimes those children become adults and they're still carrying that baggage and it's not beneficial to anybody.

The person that is being harmed the most is the person holding on to that baggage, they are not able to resolve. Now is resolving this mean that I can go back to that person and we can discuss it and we can work through it. Not very likely. I mean, it's plausible in some cases however very unlikely.

By the time you are mature enough to honestly handle it, it's probably not going to be plausible at all. So you have to learn to internalize these things and deal with them and resolve them within yourself without a whole lot of external assistance. Other than mentors or friends or a Spiritual influences. You really have to deal with it honestly.

I have been very blessed by having some mentors at different stages in my life that helped me internalize a lot of issues that I had. And I went from being very angry about these things when they were unresolved and unwittingly at some point. To really wanting to know the truth because it aggravated me that there was family that knew the truth, but they would not tell me. as if they're protecting somebody or they don't want to hurt you any further, or stir the proverbial pot so to speak.

Whatever their reasons are it's not helpful or beneficial in any way at all to anyone in the know or affected by whatever it is. So the point I'm really trying to make is.

If you can't be honest with yourself, that's the first step to be honest and be willing to dig back into the uncomfortable area, okay? To determine the truth. So after I worked through the anger and frustration and then curiosity like what really is the truth what really happened? You know, I've been told these lies all my life. Who really knows what the truth is?

Then after the next stage that I moved through was a little bit of frustration with all that, but also the next stage after that frustration was you know it just doesn't matter anymore. It doesn't it happened so long ago I couldn't control it. I can't control it now, why would I let the anger and the hatred dwell up within me and control my life now because I'm the only one it's hurting.

Beyond that even though I might be hurting myself. I'm having a negative impact because of a quick trigger or lack of patience to deal with certain things. All things that have to be worked through, everything in my life. No, and probably will not before I die. I hope enough to where I can get past it easier to move on.

I think I am. I don't think I've learned everything. I've got a lot more to learn. It's quite an experience. The mentors. I've had in my life at different stages, we're just the right people to get me through certain stages in my life and I'm very thankful for them. So that's really what I have to say for today.

I hope it's helpful to you.

Be honest with yourself. Don't beat yourself up over any of it nine times at a time it's something that was completely outside of your control and you're inability to deal with it at your age and what happened. I am thankful that some of the things that happened. I can't remember.

I think that's a good thing. And I don't want to anymore, it's not important it doesn't matter and the people that were involved if they're still alive, it doesn't matter anymore. What dose matter is who I am today. And how my actions, decisions and voice Impacts others around me. I made a conscious decision that I don't want to be a negative Influence on other people's lives. I would much prefer to be a positive impact with everybody I come in contact with. Unfortunately that The truth be told I fail from time to time, but we all do don't hurt the same, we all don't mature at the same rate. Do what you have to make it right move forward, you all have a great week.

Have a wonderful wonderful Month enjoy life and we'll talk to you again later. 

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